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A Simple but Highly Effective Way to Cool Your Computer

January 10th, 2014

best laptop cooling pad

So, we all know what I believe to be the best laptop cooling pad: The Gear Head CFS8800 complete with dual fans which my Alienware craves. I honestly don’t think I could play the amount of games / watch the crazy amount of movies I do on my laptop without it. The thing gets so incredibly hot it’s ridiculous, I often have to reposition it so it doesn’t burn whatever it’s sitting on (it left a permanent burn mark on one of my textbooks), and having it in my lap is completely out of the question. But with the cooling pad it’s a different story, it lets me rest the laptop in my lap and cools the computer down quite a bit (at least it seems like it).

I was interested in a way I could view the internal temperature of my computer so I could be certain the cooler was doing it’s part. I did a bit of searching on the Internet and stumbled across this program: Real Temp. I’ve used other programs in the past but this bit of freeware took things to the next level.

It has support for a crazy number of applications, including Sandy Bridge CPUs. It reports a ridiculous amount of stats and really helps you to stay on top of things. Additionally it shows you the minimum and maximum temperatures your system has been at over the day.

Adding to all those other features, Real Temp also lets you set alarms if the temperature rises above a certain level which makes me feel much more comfortable about pushing my computer to the limit.

This is a program I would highly recommend you try, and definitely visit the support forums to learn the intricacies of it. I promise you’ll be happy you did. Real Temp along with a premium laptop cooler (great reviews over at will help you get the most out of any laptop, especially a desktop replacement.

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My Blog – Stuff I Love

January 5th, 2014

Hi, and welcome to my blog. This is my very first post and I’m super excited to be starting this blog. My name is Jon Paul and this blog is going to be centered around all the topics I love, and trust me my interests are wide ranging and all over the place. I’m especially interested in healthy living, video games, DIY and technology.

Computers are my favorite past-time and I enjoy learning and finding out about all sorts of technology. I’ve worked for IBM and several web design firms in the past and I’m really getting into building my own websites. I’m really glad you’re here and I think you’re going to enjoy what I’ve got to offer on this blog.

So please bookmark us and keep checking back to get the best views on everything in the world.

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Jon Paul Fiorentino's Blog | Healthy Living

My Site, My Topics. A Blog About Topics I Love. Technology, Heathly Living and More